Superkart Classes

As the bang gets Bigger, the Bucks get higher, that's the same everywhere! Superkart prices range from around $3000 to over $25,000, so most budgets can be accommodated. Competitive racing abounds in all classes, so you won't be compelled to spend big to get good racing. Classes are structured to not just suit budgets, but also age, driving and mechanical ability.

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250cc Gearbox International

The twin cylinder 85+ hp 250cc GP and other specialist Karting engines crank out some startling performance that sees this class as the fastest racing kart globally, and at the pointy end of timesheets compared against almost anything!



250cc Gearbox National

These torquey single cylinder 250cc Motocross based engines are fitted up to a 250 chassis, which is usually slightly larger than the smaller engine classes.


125cc Gearbox 'National'

You're starting to get into Grand Prix & ICC KZ engines now! This popular class is fast and competitve at suprizingly sensible running costs.The class offers that 250cc 'Inter' feel at a more managable pace.


125cc Non-gearbox

These are sprintkart formula based to provide a non-gearbox long circuit entry level. A controlled engine class that is perfect for modest budgets that allows setup and driver skill to shine.

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